Apply to the TC2 Residency

Admission to the 2014-15 TC2 Urban Teacher Residency program is now closed. Please watch this website for information about the 2015-16 cohort.
2014-2015 Application Checklist

Program dates: early July 2014 - late June 2015.

Fall Admission
Application deadline: December 6, 2013
Selection Day notification: December 20, 2013
Finalists attend Selection Day: January 14, 2014
Decision notification: January 31, 2014

Spring Admission
Application deadline: March 3, 2014
Selection Day notification: March 21 , 2014
Finalists attend Selection Day: April 10, 2014
Decision notification: April 25, 2014

Late Spring Admission
Application deadline: April 25, 2014
Selection Day notification: April 30, 2014
Finalists attend Selection Day: May 6, 2014
Decision notification: May 8, 2014
All items listed below must be completed by the application deadline unless indicated.

 ▢  Complete the TC2 Residency inquiry form.  An application will be sent to you after completing this form.

 ▢  Complete the application to one of TC2’s five partner institutions:  Augsburg College, Bethel University, Hamline University, St. Catherine University, or University of St. Thomas. Acceptance to the TC2 Residency is contingent upon acceptance to a partner institution.

 ▢  Complete an online application to the TC2 Residency. You will receive an application from TC2 after completing the inquiry form.  Applications will be available by September 15, 2013.

 ▢  Idenitify three people who will provide a professional reference.  References will be provided to TC2 on an online form (available by September 15, 2013).  A link to a reference form will be sent along with the application.  Applicants should send this link to references and indicate the due date.  References must be completed by either December 6, 2013 for the fall admission or March 3, 2014 for the spring admission. 

 ▢  Prepare a resume that will be submitted with the online application.  The resume will detail work, educational, and volunteer experience.

 ▢  ​Collect unofficial transcripts from all schools attended.  Directions on submitting transcripts are on the application.  A bachelor’s degree must be compled before starting the TC2 Residency program.

 ▢   Register for the MTLE Basic Skills Test.  These tests in reading, writing, and math must be taken or scheduled by July 2014. If you have taken the test and have not passed, you must be scheduled to retake the exam.  Currently, there is no substitute exam that is acceptable for out-of-state applicants. Click here for more information on the MTLE.  Additional MTLE tests (content and pedagogy) will be taken during the residency year.

Non-discrimination Policy:
TC2 does not discriminate with regard to race, color, origin, gender, political affiliation,
disability, sexual orientation, or religion.